ICARE Elevators has steadily developed in the field of planned and preventative maintenance because of its ability to provide outstanding, flexible service. We are proficient to maintain every type and manufacture of lift because of our team of highly-skilled and experienced service engineers. ICARE Elevators has extensive technical knowledge in-house and, we can also call on specific expertise, when necessary. All of our work is carried out by our own fully-trained engineers.,

Regular preventative maintenance will keep elevators safe to use and lesser breakdowns which will improve the performance of the elevators and efficiency of the product. The lesser downtime will give a better prospective to your building. The preventive maintenance will extend the life span of the equipment and contribute to greater elevator equipment safety. Our flexible service agreements provide cover from fully comprehensive to basic routine maintenance. When the right service level has been agreed you can rest assured that we'll check your lifts promptly and efficiently.

We undertake Annual Maintenance of all Types of Elevators.


Elevator is a moving machinery. A lot of parts need to be overhauled, oiled and greased. All moving parts like sheaves, machine gears, crank shaft, ropes and safety linkages are need lot of repair work. Sometime these parts need replacing. ICARE has a special team of engineers who are experienced in this type of work. Safety is an important aspect of the repair task. Engineers need ample knowledge of the area, the customer equipment, safety of the customer, safety of premises and the utilisation, the personal safety of engineers.

The repair task is more difficult because, the premises are occupied and target to complete the task is more crucial. No client like the elevator being out of service for log duration, while considering their concern ICARE always try to accomplish the task on time with minimum disruption to the service.

ICARE carryout repairs all type of elevator machines, elevator car, hoist ropes and related equipment. ICARE Elevators always trust to provide high-quality services whether it may be call out, maintenance or repair.

Customer Care

ICARE Elevators is dedicated to providing the highest levels of customer service, whether that is a planned maintenance or an emergency callout service. ICARE have a customer support that responds to calls 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Customer Service employees are able to access our fully integrated computerized service management system which enables them to allocate calls to the field engineers and minimize downtime. You can rest assured that we will deal with all service calls promptly and efficiently.

On calls, our Service Engineers use the innovative works tracking service. Using specially designed service documentation and mobile communication and SMS service which can send comprehensive and up to date information to record the progress of works carried out.

It is pleasure to declare that our commitment to the highest quality of customer service which has meant that repeat orders are common place. ICARE Clients in both public and private sectors know their maintenance, installation and modernisation projects will be completed to a high standard and always on time.

Quality Assurance

We are able to offer a high level of service because of our skilled employees and excellent in-house facilities. Our knowledgeable personnel have extensive experience with all types of lifts and our manufacturing facility can produce any necessary bespoke parts promptly.

Employees receives constant training to ensure all legislation, guidelines and health and safety requirements are met. ICARE Elevators has an excellent Health and Safety record which we are determined to preserve. We are one of the few Lift companies with a full-time Health & Safety Officer.

Our professional, highly trained and dedicated engineers have been with us for many years. ICARE Elevators prides itself on its training programmer for apprentices, knowing that employees makes a career with the company because of its future potential.

ICARE Elevators are proud to be the one of the lift manufacturing company in the Lift Industry to have attained management system certificates:

ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance including The Lift Regulations 1997: Schedule 12